An open sandbox for the world to build a better future at a human scale

We have designed a few provocations that reimagine how different aspects of society could function. These are intended to inspire the development of new ideas and conversations

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Your vote has been a central tenet of democracy since forever, but the current concept - turn up once every 3 or 4 years - is pretty dated. Technology will allow us to make more informed decisions, and allow us to better reflect and build up opinions about the issues over time, not just the media noise once every 4 year


Newropa believes in the contribution of citizens - either via their voice, their wallet or their actions. We want to provide citizens with a greater chance to get involved in the development of the services Newropa provides.


We see identity as an important part of a person’s character, but recognise that national boundaries are no longer a key definition of identity. Identity solutions span from the personal to the technology enabled keys of our lives that control all aspects (health, finance, administrative) of our existence



Money is still making the world go around - and we don’t expect that to end anytime soon. What we do expect to change is the way we earn money, what we earn, and what we spend it on.



In a world that is changing like ours, and where life spans are lengthening, we need to provide the structure and incentives that enable citizens to keep evolving their understanding of the world as the world around them changes.


Resource scarcity is a thing - and we will only keep going if we get smarter about designing, engineering, making, buying and disposing of our products.


We envisage ‘health’ will be delivered in Newropa, as opposed to health care. People are not going to get sick - we just imagine changing the way advice is provided - and of course data and AI will make the diagnosis and treatment individual and systemic