An open sandbox for the world to build a better future at a human scale

Newropa is based on a set of core principles that drive how this society operates

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Human Scale

The world is moving towards mega-cities, business monopoles and an overall belief that bigger is better. We believe that there is human scale in everything. Something that works for people and feels reasonable for a society. We are [People-Centered] and believe in the [Human Scale].


We live in neighbourhoods, not in nation-states.



Radical Welcoming

We share a nomadic nature and therefore we are at home anywhere. This requires an overall belief in radical welcoming. Newropa is too dense and fluid to insist or rely on borders. We want to have open arms, minds and hearts beyond borders. We are whole-heartedly open and foster [Radical Welcoming].


We belong everywhere. There are no guests, only hosts.



Social Capital

We know that the gross national product is important and that economic success and personal wealth is nice. But we also strongly believe in social capital – one that is based on [reciprocity, trust and the common good]. This is fundamental for a society to flourish. We want to be socially sustainable and invest in our collective social capital.


Our biggest resource is our people and their skills – not minerals and oils.

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Deliberate Diversity

We know that one of the most valuable things we have is the cultural diversity within Europe. It has grown over centuries and we deliberately nurture and support it. We call it [Deliberate Diversity].


Languages, food, skin, weather, sex – we just have a lot to choose from.



Civic Consciousness

For Newropa to thrive, its people need to be motivated to participate in the development of society. We believe that each member of society is a public servant who can contribute to society in any way they choose. This is about building a new society from the ground up – we need all hands on deck.


There is no difference between the public and those who serve it. Equal responsibility = equal power.



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