[NewSchool] is an life-long learning & personal growth platform. It circles around Purpose, Passions and Potentials, not around Professions. It inspires and enables new Paths and Partnerships for the many. 

We are facing an increasingly older society with a more nomadic culture. People from different countries, cultures and backgrounds living together in more dense urban areas. Refugees looking for new places to live peacefully and Artificial Intelligence disrupting the jobs of the past. This requires to rethink and reimagine the education system within Newropa. [NewSchool] is a first attempt to start a discussion about this.

We are perpetual Newbies. In the new world we reached ‘the end of the career‘ –meaning that educating people for multiple years towards a pre-defined professions will fail.

If we take into consideration that statistically 60% of all current second-graders will take a job that today doesn’t yet exist, we understand that we need to pivot towards new fields of education beyond traditional professions and educational subjects. To give more clarity and direction we developed the [NewSchool] Compass – a framework to nurture a balanced and holistic way of growth and development throughout life. From Emotional Intelligence, over Social Spontaneity to Creative Confidence and Courageous Curiosity. Things that are not taught in school but that shape and support in life. Something that sets you up for continuous learning, evolution and a life in flux.


[NewSchool] embrace the fact that the speed of technology and therefore society will make us ‘endless Newbies‘ in a perpetual pursuit of our passion and profession.

[NewSchool] is a digital live-long growth and development platform. It provides people with tools to frame their purpose, passion and potentials and channel them along the right paths and with the right peers. It also allows people to get proof and endorsements for their potentials so that they can turn them into a profitable profession.


A journey to unleash our collective potential

[NewSchool] neglects the idea of a Lifestage Curriculum that is tied to a nascent life-stage and embraces the idea of Life-long Curiosity and makes learning and evolving the bloodline of our live's journeys. We believe that everybody has something to teach and lots to be taught and we want to look beyond classic grades, titles, professions and degrees. We think that [NewSchool] can turn into an entire platform that unleashes the collective passion and cultural richness e.g. the recent refugee wave can bring. We see potentials were others see problems.

We want to use and technology to democratize and scale this effort. From [NewSchool] itself being a digital platform, to using AI and technology to teach or formats such as Virtual Reality to gain emotional intelligence, cultural empathy or to overcome personal hurdles. We want to use technology to amplify the human potential and help people to become their better best.