An open sandbox for the world to build a better future at a human scale

An open sandbox for the world to create a better future at human scale

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This website is an open letter to collectively re-imagine, re-invent and re-brand Europe. 

We are using the third industrial revolution and the dramatic shifts in world politics to re-imagine Europe in an open and optimistic way. It should be seen as a rallying cry for Europe as a bottom-up movement by the many, not a top-down obligation by politics. It is a naive yet an open provocation of a passionate Europe. Our hope is that it serves as an inspirational conversation starter for others.

It was crafted by designers at IDEO's Munich studio. We'd love to hear from you, and collaborate with you to build [NEWROPA] together. Reach out to us with ideas and thoughts, and let's have a conversation!


Newropa is based on a set of core principles that drive how this society operates

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We have a few ideas to inspire the development of Newropa as a society

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Newropa is a safe haven not only for cultural richness and diversity, but also thought and opinion.



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