The [N]ewro is a complementary currency, one that lives alongside the prevailing flat currency (eg. Euro) and exchangeable with it. The purchasing power of an individual's Newro can be influenced directly by the contribution the citizen makes to Newropa.

The Newro leverages the principle of a universal basic income, and is paid to all citizens of Newropa. Every Newropean gets the same number of Newro every month. However the value of a Newro differs from individual to individual - it’s a dynamic currency, where an individual’s purchasing power changes based on their ‘Value Star’ - an objective measurement of a citizen’s contribution to Newropa. An individual with a value star of 2 (i.e., a 2 X multiplier) will have the purchasing power of their Newro doubled.

value star-06-06.png

The value star reflects the values of Newropa.

The Star is directly determined by an individual’s deeds and actions, ratings by others and an AI estimate of an individual’s sustainability footprint - a combination of spending activities, travel patterns and other variables. The applications Do Good and Citizens.Pay will also contribute to the value star, logged into your digital wallet.