We know that nation states are constantly in flux and that our lives are becoming more nomadic than ever before. So what are our units of identification and how do we reflect on our multi-local* identities within Newropa.

*Taiye Selasi coins the phrase "multi-local" in her TED talk "Don‘t ask me where I am from, ask me where I am local"


[fluID] wants to embrace the idea of being local in various places and reflect on the facets of people‘s identities.

[fluID] tracks where you have been and where you are going. While it acknowledges your connection to countries and nation states it tries to tap into your communities and neighborhoods. By understanding the underlying rituals, relationships and restrictions of your life it can create a more mindful and meaningful representations of your identity and connections to others beyond concepts such as cities or countries. 

Typographic Maps by  Dave Murray

Typographic Maps by Dave Murray


Designing for a fluid localhood not a fictional nationhood.

By neglecting the idea of being born into an identity and believing into constantly shaping our identities through the places we are in and the people we meet, we necessarily also question the paradigm of belonging and voting within only one system. So if you have been living in a neighborhood for 10 years but weren't born in this country, why shouldn't you have the right to contribute and participate in the political as well as social discourse locally?


An inspiration for future discovery instead of a documentation of the past.

Do you know the feeling of browsing through your passport and looking at the stamps of countries you visited in the past? And do you also know the hard feeling of loosing all of these artifacts of experiences and acknowledgments of curiosity, when your passport gets lost or is renewed? With [fluID] we try to capture the experiences you had in a playful way, while inspiring and instigating new experiences that are awaiting that might lie outside your comfort zone. Have you visited the most northern point of Europe yet? Did you try the local street-food in a country you haven't been to yet. Moreover we want to get to the aspects that define and shape these experiences and neighborhood, so that we can tell you about other places that you might like which are not in the same neighborhood, city or country. How can we support serendipity and inspire inquiry, rather than looking at the past?


Delightful Data-driven Digital ID

We imagine [fluID] as a solution that lives as much in the digital world, as it does in the physical. With the ubiquity of smartphones and other devices we want to use the delightfulness and data-driven potential of technology to make [fluID] more seamless, shareable and secure. With technology such as the Blockchain and others we think that this is the way to go and that takes also into consideration to merge our physical identity with our digital identity.