Everyone wants to do something to make society better. Most people don't know where to begin. What if Newropa could guide its citizens through the journey of doing good and reward them for doing so?


Use your unique skill set for the benefit of the society you live in – DoGood!

DoGood is a platform that makes it easy to bring social institutions, governments and citizens together to enable a more personalised, flexible and useful way of social engagement.


Engaging in civic acts shouldn't be all that hard

Based on your location and personal set of interests and skills, [dogood] provides different options to participate in civic projects and to improve your level of civic engagement. 


A rewarding system that closes the loop

As a certified system, the [dogood] rewarding system gives you the chance to show your level of participation in the civic welfare of your community and to receive advantages in everyday life. In more direct terms, completing tasks on [dogood] enables you to receive a tax rebate or a bump in your subsidy.


Start small. Grow with others.

The suggestions and upcoming social projects appear as small tasks or reminder on your smartphone or as a email and make it very easy to integrate civic engagement in your everyday life. By building on existing social networks, dogood helps to connect the people, who live in the same area or have the same civic interests and make it more meaningful and fun to work for the welfare of one another.